Application Case of Energy Consumption Online Monitoring System in a Port Group Office Building in Jiangyin

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Abstract : This paper introduces the system structure, data acquisition and function realization of the system software of the new office building energy consumption monitoring system of Jiangyin Port Group Co., Ltd. Through the analysis and processing of air-conditioning, lighting and socket power in each office, the results of analysis and processing are published through forms, pictures, etc. Through this system platform, corporate management personnel can establish and improve the enterprise energy conservation management system, constrain the energy consumption of each energy-consuming unit, and improve the energy efficiency of the company's office operations.

Keywords: office energy saving; energy management; energy consumption monitoring; port; data collection

0 Preface

Energy consumption is an important and controllable part of the production cost of an enterprise. Reducing energy consumption is an important way for companies to reduce production costs. With the continuous progress of society and the continuous development of science and technology, energy-saving technologies and equipment such as high-efficiency boiler kilns, motors and dragging equipment, waste heat and pressure utilization equipment, and energy-saving equipment and instruments have been widely used in all aspects of the company's production processes. The energy consumption of the office management of a production-oriented company (mainly power consumption) is also an important part of its energy consumption. However, because it accounts for a small proportion of the total energy consumption, it is often overlooked during the implementation of energy-saving reforms. If an energy regulatory system is established in corporate office buildings and energy consumption is measured and classified by computer or other auxiliary means, high energy consumption points and unnecessary energy consumption can be found. On this basis, the use of energy assessment management can be strengthened. The effect of doing more with less.

This article combines the on-line monitoring system for energy consumption (electric energy) of new office buildings in Terminal 5 of Jiangyin Port Group Co., Ltd. This paper describes in detail how production companies can establish effective office management energy monitoring.

1 Distribution and construction goals

The new office building at Terminal 5 of Jiangyin Port Group Co., Ltd. is a three-story office building. The total power supply line of the building is introduced into the distribution box by a 0.4kV distribution loop at Terminal 5# Substation. The main distribution box is located on the first floor of the network room outside the room, set up the main switch, the floor of the total switch, and then use radiation and dry-type hybrid power distribution mode to lead the office. Each office is equipped with a separate PZ30 distribution box. To facilitate the classification of power consumption, the power supply is allocated to each office and is allocated for air conditioning and lighting sockets. The following figure shows the distribution of offices on the third floor of the office building:

Figure 1 Distribution of Offices on the Third Floor of an Office Building

The system builder and the contractor have fully discussed that the energy consumption online monitoring system should achieve the following goals:

1. The power consumption of each office is measured separately according to the power consumption of the air conditioner and the power consumption of the lighting socket, so as to track energy consumption fluctuations and achieve accurate prediction of energy consumption;

2. Aggregate statistics for each office's electricity consumption by department, and display it in various forms such as help maps and curves to realize energy consumption monitoring and avoid unreasonable energy consumption;

3. It can establish the value of electricity benchmarking, and it can play a role in prompting the use of excess electricity or abnormal electricity, and realize the standardization management of energy consumption to form a standardized standard for promotion;

4. After the system is completed, the system can display the data displayed on the computer in the LAN; realize the quantitative analysis of energy consumption, streamline the management of energy consumption and refined management, assess the energy-saving effect, and realize the comprehensive management of energy-saving measures;

2 system network structure design and implementation

According to the distribution situation of the new office building and the distribution of offices, the online monitoring system for energy consumption adopts a hierarchical distributed structure. The system includes: station management layer, network communication layer, and field device layer. The system network structure is shown in Figure 2:

Figure 2 System Network Structure

The management and monitoring layer is the human-computer interaction window for the use and maintenance of the system, and is also the uppermost part of the system. In the construction of the energy consumption online monitoring system, a data server is configured to collect, store, and process the power consumption information of each circuit. The Web server presents a friendly human-machine interface to the user through the Internet, and is set for the daily use of the system. Maintenance engineer workstations;

The communication control layer is mainly composed of a communication server, an interface conversion device, and a bus network, and is a bridge for data information exchange. In this project plan, an 8-port data collector is configured in the communication control layer. In consideration of the reliability of communication and lightning protection, configure the serial isolation device. From 1st to 3rd floor, a RS485 bus is connected on the east-west side, and the single-phase meter located at each office is connected to the serial server. The communication bus is shielded twisted pair (RVSP2 x 0.75), and the Φ25 pipe is laid along the wall to the rooms. ;

The field device layer is mainly connected to various types of instruments used for the collection and measurement of electrical parameters in the network, and it is also a necessary basic element for constructing the distribution system. To establish an electricity sub-metering system, two single-phase rail-mounted energy meters are installed in the PZ30 box of each office at the time of the design of the project, and they are used to measure the air-conditioning power and lighting sockets of the office. Electricity. Based on the design, there are 32 single-phase metering devices for 16 offices on the 1st floor of the office building, and 34 single-phase metering devices for 17 offices on 2 floors (including meeting rooms), and 17 offices on 3 floors (including meeting rooms). Configure 34 single-phase meters and total distribution boxes to configure 4 three-box meters.

3 system function design and implementation

The energy consumption online monitoring system is designed around the system construction goals and designed the following software functions:

1. Power consumption circuit clear metering architecture

The Jiangyin Port Group office building has three floors. The energy consumption system has two power meters installed in the office building's total incoming line, each floor, and each office. They are used to measure air-conditioning power and lighting outlet power, respectively. The total electricity meter has a total of 104 metering points in the entire system, and has established an electricity metering system covering the entire office building. The metering system display function was established in the system software. As shown in Figure 3, the system user can understand the hierarchy of the power distribution hierarchy of the office building at a glance through this functional interface.

Fig. 3 Measurement system display

2. Energy Management ERP

System management or maintenance personnel can also configure the name of the power branch, the type of power usage (power for air conditioning, power supply for the lighting outlet), the department to which it belongs, and the type of power meter, etc., through the power circuit maintenance function. This function allows the system to The electricity consumption of each electricity circuit is automatically calculated according to the department. The management electricity consumption can be divided by department and the ERP distribution function similar to the financial ERP can be established. This function facilitates the maintenance of the system when information such as change of the office department is changed. The configuration interface is shown in Figure 4;

Figure 4 Power circuit information maintenance

3. Electricity display and energy consumption

The main interface of the system can intuitively display the monthly power consumption of the office building in the form of data and bar graphs, the electricity usage in the previous month, the electricity consumption in the current year, the total electricity consumption in the same period of the previous year, and the daily air-conditioning consumption in the month combined with the temperature change. Trends, the average value of current consumption of lighting outlets in the current month, and the trend of changes in the average monthly power consumption of various departments. The energy conservation office or corporate management personnel can intuitively understand the consumption of electricity consumption by enterprises. As shown in Figure 5;

Figure 5 System display

4. Energy-saving potential mining - analysis of electricity during non-working hours

The power management system software has the function of displaying the power consumption of each circuit on a daily basis, and displays the non-working day electricity in blue columns, and calibrates the daily average power consumption line. If the daily power consumption is significantly higher than usual With normal power usage, the power consumption point can be analyzed and found through the power circuit of the system on a time-by-hour basis, and necessary rectification can be performed to prevent the occurrence of abnormal power consumption. As shown in Figure 6, the daily trend of the use of electric stick diagrams and Figure 7 shows the trend of electricity consumption of a certain loop hour by hour;

Figure 6 loop daily electric bar graph trend

Figure 7 Analysis of the trend of electricity consumption in a certain loop

5. Time-division energy management

The power management system can set peak, flat, and valley time periods and rates in the software according to the electricity tariff standards of the power supply bureau, and can also set working and non-work time periods according to the actual situation of the customer. The non-working hours of the loops can be found through the energy consumption system. The irrational use of electricity, through incentives and penalties measures to enable employees to develop the habit of turning off their electrical equipment immediately after work, as shown in Figure 8 Peak, Ping and Gu time power consumption display;

Figure 8 Peak, level, and valley time consumption display

6. Establish performance assessment measures

The office building is mainly used for administrative work. The system divides each office into each department according to the customer's requirements. The system automatically completes the statistics and analysis of the department's energy use, and can enter information such as the number of department personnel and the building area of ​​each department in the system information maintenance. , and comprehensive ranking analysis based on comprehensive power consumption, per capita power consumption, power consumption per unit area, and power consumption limit information entry for each department, office, when the power consumption close to or higher than the limit, automatically A message is displayed, as shown in Figure 9 for the department's overall power consumption ranking.

Figure 9 Overall power consumption by sector

7. Electricity statistics report

The system software automatically collects and generates monthly reports of electricity consumption by department. This report can be submitted to the financial or automatic transfer to the financial ERP system, which facilitates the independent accounting of various departments.

Figure 10 Monthly report of electricity use

The energy management and evaluation unit adopted the above software functions to achieve a reasonable development of the benchmark value of each department's electricity consumption, and fed back the electricity consumption to various departments with financial data, and established an effective management system for energy use management. Through the construction of the system and the establishment of the system, the energy-saving awareness of the corporate management office staff has been greatly improved, and the company has effectively saved the office energy consumption.

4 Conclusion

The enterprise management office energy consumption online monitoring system is mainly designed to establish a set of computer-aided management software that meets the user's actual needs in combination with information technology. The system software collects and automatically stores the data in real time to obtain the raw data of the power consumption process; Realize, optimize and integrate data, display it to enterprise management personnel with friendly and intuitive man-machine interface, provide data support for the improvement of its power consumption management model, and establish a power assessment mechanism to achieve scientific management of office electricity. .


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Source: "Automation Expo" January 2014 Issue 1

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