Check the engine car engine overheating method

The overheating temperature of the engine of a commercial vehicle is a problem that often arises in the daily use of a car. However, when a commercial vehicle engine has such a failure, if it is not handled well, it will be The power performance of the vehicle's engine caused reduced damage. At the time of the worst failure, it will even result in damage to the machine. Therefore, daily maintenance and inspection are also very important tasks.


When the commercial vehicle has an abnormal temperature indicator and the temperature is too high, the first step is to check whether the cooling water of the commercial vehicle is within the normal range, and whether the water tank has seen leakage. Whether the leakage condition, the joint or the place where the water pipe is sealed is good. When the commercial vehicle was driving for a period of time, it still happened that the temperature was increasing continuously and it did not mean to decline. When the vehicle was stopped and stopped, it was checked that the amount of cooling water became less, then it can be concluded that The water jacket of a commercial vehicle's cylinder block has a cooling water that is perforated or blisters.

If you feel that the temperature of the commercial vehicle's hair is too high, you can use your hand to touch the temperature between the water pipes of the first grade of the downpipe, and then judge the fault. If the temperature difference between the two water tanks of the vehicle is relatively large, it can be determined that the thermostat of the commercial vehicle has a failure and then cannot be operated. When air is present in the vehicle's cooling system, air resistance may be caused, so that the cooling water tank is not well cycled, and then the temperature of the commercial vehicle is high. At this time, the engine of the vehicle can be run at a high speed, and then after the lid of the tank is gently unscrewed until the gas is fully discharged, at this time, part of the cooling water flows out together with the gas. According to this method, it is repeated many times back and forth until the gas is released. After troubleshooting, you need to add new cooling water in a timely manner.

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