China tin mine mining

China's tin mines had a mining volume of 5.304 million tons in 1996, including 3.052 million tons of underground mining and 2.252 million tons of open-pit mining. Nearly half (103.6 million tons) of open pit mining is a sand mine.

China's vein tin mining mainly adopts the method of retaining ore, square filling method and segmented empty field method, sublevel caving without bottom column, deep hole section blasting well forming method, and pipe joint anchor support technology. For example, in the Yunnan tin mine, the grid filling method has been mainly used since the 1950s, and the stratified caving method, the sublevel caving method with the bottom column, and the shallow hole retention method have been adopted. The rock drilling is still dominated by the gas-leg rock drill , and the rock shipment is still Electric picks and rock loaders. Guangxi Dachang tin mine adopts shaft-flat-blind inclined well joint development, locomotive transportation, 0.75m3 mine car loading, and mining methods include shallow-eye retention and segmentation empty-field method.

According to statistics, the main technical and economic indicators for tin mining in non-ferrous systems in 1996 were: 1.18% of the ore grade; the mining loss rate was 10.58%; the ore depletion rate was 11.23%; the mining and mining ratio was 42.106m/million; the mining work efficiency was 42.75. t/(工·班); the efficiency of the excavation work is 0.31m/(work·class); the comprehensive energy consumption of mining and mining is 12.49kg/t; the physical labor productivity of workers is 495.55t/(person·a). Compared with 1991, the grade of ore has been greatly improved, the depletion rate of ore has been reduced, labor efficiency has increased, and comprehensive energy consumption has decreased.

The sand and tin mines are all exposed, and the mining method is relatively simple. Due to the large number of residual slope sand deposits in China, it is mainly used for water gun rushing, rushing ditch and sand pump. For example, Yunxi Company adopts water and water transportation technology, and Guangxi Pinggui Mining Bureau adopts water gun and sand pump mining and transportation technology.

According to statistics, the main technical and economic indicators of tin mining in China's nonferrous system in 1996 were: 0.23% of original ore grade; mining loss rate of 4.68%; ore depletion rate of 2.39%; stripping ratio of 0.79t/t; The consumption is 1.63kg/t; the physical labor productivity of workers is 2311.09t/(person·a).

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