FAW liberates Xiechai to create an industry-leading supply chain

On January 27, 2018, FAW Liberation Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory held the “2018 Annual Purchasing Work Learning Exchange Conference”. The theme of the conference was "Embark on a new journey, meet new challenges, and go all out to create an industry-leading supply chain." Nearly 300 supplier representatives from all over the country gathered to discuss the success and failure of procurement in 2017 and discuss new issues in 2018. The development of cooperation under the environment. The relevant person in charge of the FAW Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory said, “In recent years, Xichai has adhered to the brand leadership, always adhering to the concept of 'concentricity, alliance, and win-win' and has continued to create an industry-leading supply chain system.”

Xichai engine
Xichai engine

Strengthen system capabilities and spare resources. 2017 is a year in which opportunities and challenges coexist. The pressure of environmental protection has been continuously strengthened and the industry has become increasingly fierce. Xichai and its vast number of suppliers have been market-oriented. Through forward-looking resource allocation, they have seized the opportunity in the game of scraping resources across the industry and have fully protected the resources of 310,000 diesel engines for the whole year. Supply, fulfillment of the promise of a market without losing the machine.

Since the beginning of this year, driven by the goal of building an internationally leading and domestic first-class procurement supply chain system, the procurement system of the Liberation Engine Division has gradually transformed from strategic procurement to strategic procurement, and has continuously strengthened the focus of front mining management. Focusing on product upgrades and life cycle management, we will focus on strategic resource layouts such as aluminum flywheel housings and steel pistons, and further optimize the integration of suppliers' resource allocation. Aowei platform suppliers account for 64% of the total, and Hengwei and the following single-platform suppliers control At 7%.

Through the brand strategy, combined with 4DB, the new platform for the development and implementation of the company's new platform for the implementation of competitive development of seals, pipe fittings, etc., to further introduce outstanding suppliers with core competitiveness, and promote the core competitiveness of the supply chain system. Promote. At the same time, through the deepening of the brand leadership, the use of core supplier technology leadership, and enhanced purchase management value-added activities, Liberation Engine Division took the lead in the country to achieve an independent rocker brake, laser welding piston, camshaft combination, asymmetric booster A number of advanced technologies have ensured the basis of product leading the market from the perspective of resources.

Emphasis on quality wins, leaving no room for defense advancement. In 2017, the procurement system of Xichai Engine Division focused on the control of Aowei's suppliers, and focused on the control of assembly parts, inspection-free deepening, and special audits, and continued to improve the supplier's ability to prevent and monitor process quality. At the same time, the Liberation Engine Division continued to advance the quality winning action with special work such as quality defense advancement, reliability engineering, and refinement engineering, which effectively promoted the enhancement of the core competitiveness of the procurement supply chain of the Liberation Engine Division.

Deepen the alliance to win together and join hands to create a successful outcome. In recent years, the Liberation Engine Division has not only focused on brand leadership, but has also continuously improved the company's operating capabilities and brand influence. At the same time, it has also led the entire supply chain system to make joint progress. At this meeting, the Liberation Engine Business Department deliberately arranged a link that invited the representative of the outstanding and progressive manufacturers—Xu Chengfei, general manager of Tianrun Crankshaft Co., Ltd., to share their system management, quality control, and products to the participating supplier representatives. The practices of development, technological innovation, brand building, and even corporate culture have aroused the resonance of the vast number of suppliers.

This time, Xichai will engage in this learning exchange meeting, aiming to provide everyone with a platform to learn the business philosophy of a good company, so as to broaden their horizons, complement each other, and jointly improve. Qian Hengrong, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of FAW Jiexie Chai, explained the meaning of communication at the venue.


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