Four Seasons Mu Ge focuses on ecological practice

Four Seasons Mu Ge focuses on ecological practice

The 4th "International Carbon Gold Award" of the World Environmental Protection Conference was announced in Beijing recently. Among them, the "Carbon Gold Ecological Practice Award" with the most green driving values ​​and low carbon practical significance was won by the sole public company of the solar energy industry in China. As of 2013, Four Seasons Muge has promoted about 25 million square meters of solar energy application area, which is equivalent to planting 75 million trees for the earth.

“Low-carbon has become a revolutionary issue that has a major impact on human production and lifestyle after the Internet. The reason why the International Carbon Gold Award has received much attention is due to the low-carbon practice that we have always advocated.” The organizer of the Carbon Gold Awards International Military Energy Conservation Association Secretary-General Li Junyang said. Four Seasons Muge is the first company in the world to produce and promote non-fluorine solar energy using the double green standard, leading the solar energy and multi-energy complementary low carbon technology innovation. During the 2009 World Climate Conference, Four Seasons Mu Ge initiated the "Climate Change and Common Protection of Our Planet Earth Home" initiative in Copenhagen, and held many "Hot Water Culture Festival" and "One-Time Fluoride-free, Percent Environmental Protection" activities. The old and new recycling service for different brands of old solar energy is a green and low-carbon environmental practitioner.

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