Gear recovery interval replacement data mining and size calculation

Initially determine the displacement coefficient of the large gear x02x02=Wmin-W2msin(1) or x02=Smin-m22mtan(2) where: W is the common normal length of the standard gear with the same measured gear parameters, mm; W=mcos[( K-05) Zinv], k=180Z 12; Z number of gears to be measured; k-to-tooth number; m modulus of the gear to be measured; indexing circle pressure angle; Smin minimum graduation measured on the worn large gear Round chord tooth thickness (approximate to the indexing scallop thickness), mm.
Check whether the big gear is undercut xmin=Zmin-ZZminha(3)Zmin=2hasin2(4) where: xmin does not cut the minimum displacement coefficient; Zmin standard gear does not cut the minimum number of teeth; ha tooth top height coefficient.
Uncut conditions: x02xmin(5) When the formula (5) is established, the large gear can also be repaired. When the formula (5) is not established, the large gear wear is too serious and cannot be repaired.
The gear is re-cut with a negative displacement. After the tooth displacement coefficient x02 is determined according to the formula (1) or (2), the large gear is re-cut with a negative displacement. The processed negative displacement large gear must ensure all the teeth. Cut off the traces of wear on the entire tooth surface. Otherwise, increase the displacement coefficient x02 (the absolute value of x02) and re-cut the teeth. At the same time, the displacement coefficient x2 of the large gear should be recorded and checked according to equation (5). Must be guaranteed not to be cut.
Calculate the transmission size according to the equal-gear displacement gear transmission, refer to the mechanical parts design manual or mechanical principle to calculate the size of the gear.
Known parameters: modulus m, number of teeth Z, indexing circle pressure angle, tip height coefficient ha, radial gap coefficient C, displacement coefficient x1 = -x2.
Index circle diameter: d1=mZ1, d2=mZ2; top height: ha1=(ha x1)m, ha2=(ha x2)m; root height: hf1=(ha C-x1)m, hf2=( Ha C-x2)m; tip diameter: da1=d1 2ha1,da2=d2 2ha2; root diameter: df1=d1-2hf1, df2=d2 2hf2; center distance: a=1/2m(Z1 Z2) The length of the common normal line: W=mcos[(k-0.5) Zinv] 2xsin; the number of teeth across: k=180Z 0.5 2xcot6 formulated pinion re-machined with a positive displacement according to x1=-x2, paired with a modified large gear gear. The size of the pinion must conform to the dimensions calculated above and the given parameters.

Electric Control System

Various kinds of industrial control cabinets for customers are customized, which are mainly divided into strong electric control cabinet, weak current control cabinet, all kinds of single machine control cabinets and all kinds of single machine control cabinets.

The strong electric control cabinet has modular combination electric cabinet, GGD control cabinet, PLC control cabinet and so on. The weak current control cabinet adopts special PVC material to make the process simulation screen, which can clearly and intuitively reflect the operation process and facilitate monitoring.

The user can choose the control mode combined with the central control of the analog screen and the computer control ingredients or the computer complete screen control mode.

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