General safety regulations for bituminous coal and mixed coal injection

1 cigarette coal and bituminous coal and anthracite mixed injection system, its construction, expansion and renovation project design, construction and inspection, as well as operation, maintenance, repair and management, should be consistent with the provisions of GB16543.

2 Bituminous coal and anthracite should be discharged into the specified raw coal tank respectively. The car number, coal type, and slot number should all be numbered and recorded. The groove number mark on the upper and lower parts of the groove should be obvious. Bulk and debris should not be discharged into the tank. Storage time of raw coal in the tank: no more than 2 days for bituminous coal; no more than 4 days for anthracite.

3 When preparing bituminous coal, the drying gas should be inert gas; the oxygen content of the gas at the end of the negative pressure system should not exceed 12%.

4 When grinding bituminous coal, the temperature of the coal mill outlet, coal powder bin, bag filter, spray can, etc. shall be strictly controlled according to the performance parameters of the equipment; for the coal source is stable, and the desiccant atmosphere and temperature can be strictly controlled. System, the temperature limit can be determined according to factors such as coal type.

5 When bituminous coal and anthracite are mixed, the ratio should be stable; the ratio should be measured once a day, and the error should be no more than ± 5%.

6 The gas supply pipelines for charging, fluidizing and blowing of bituminous coal and mixed coal conveying and blowing systems shall be provided with check valves; pulverized coal conveying and blowing pipes shall have bypass facilities for supplying compressed air; When blowing bituminous coal or mixed coal, a nitrogen bypass facility should be provided.

7 When blowing bituminous coal and mixed coal, the pressure, dust collection and fluidization medium of pressure vessels such as warehouse pumps, coal storage tanks and spray cans should be nitrogen or other inert gas.

8 Bituminous coal injection system should be equipped with air control device and non-electrical sequential control system, such as over-temperature, over-pressure, oxygen-containing over-standard accident alarm devices, and devices to prevent and eliminate accidents.

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