Goodyear's senior personnel changes Ma Hai'an took over as the president of China

September 17, 2014, Shanghai, China - Goodyear Tire & Rubber announced that it has appointed former President of China, Leslie Wong, as vice president of sales growth and innovation in the Asia Pacific region. Iain McDaniels, the former vice president of the passenger tire division in China, took over as the president of Goodyear China. The above two appointments took effect on September 17, 2014.

Huang Hao joined Goodyear in 2006 and is the general manager of the truck and bus tire market and sales in the Asia Pacific region. Under his leadership, the Goodyear Cardbus Tire team achieved a breakthrough in business development. Subsequently, Huang Hao took over as Vice President of the Goodyear China Passenger Cars Division, responsible for the development and business operations of the Chinese market. Since he took the position of President of China in 2011, Huang Hao has helped Goodyear China build a strong sales and distribution network with his extraordinary leadership and rich industry experience. He successfully led Goodbye's commercial and passenger tires business to an unprecedented level. Excellent performance.

Huang Hao will be responsible for opening up new business opportunities for the core business of Goodyear Asia Pacific and new areas of business development. It will be guided by the needs of customers and consumers, and will combine the latest strategy of Goodyear to achieve excellent sales and market expansion in the world and formulate practical plans. A viable continuous growth plan. At the same time, he will also use the company's business growth as a basis to further enhance the sales team's ability to customize a comprehensive management program.

Dan Smytka, Goodyear's president of Asia Pacific, said: “In the past three years, Huang Hao has established a strong team to define the company’s business vision, develop close customer relationships, and promote excellence in China’s business. It is believed that after taking up his new position, Huang Hao will continue to lead the staff together and work closely with customers to further expand our business scope in the Asia-Pacific market and continue to achieve new success."

At the same time, Goodyear appointed Ma Hai'an to take over as the president of China, responsible for the comprehensive business development of Goodyear Tire in China, and ensure the promotion of the company's strategy, especially to further achieve the goal of "winning in China." At the same time, Ma Hai'an has a deep understanding of the Chinese market and has accumulated rich experience. He can formulate an effective coping strategy based on the actual needs and conditions of the local market and bring considerable value and benefits to the company.

Ma Haian joined Goodyear in 2005 and has served as vice president of passenger tires in China for the past three years. Prior to this, Ma Hai'an once held several key positions in Goodyear Asia Pacific and China, including Vice President of North Asia Markets; President of Taiwan and South Korea; Aviation Tire Director of Asia Pacific and Asia Pacific Business Projects and Planning Manager. While making outstanding performance, it has accumulated rich business experience.

“Ma Hai'an has a profound understanding of the Chinese market and has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the successful development of corporate strategy development and decision-making. I believe his experience and talent will further help Goodyear to establish a foothold in the Chinese market with a customer-first approach. The purpose is to provide high-quality tire products and services to Chinese consumers in order to achieve stable and robust development, while continuing to work closely with partners to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results,” said Shi Minde, President of Goodyear Asia Pacific. Dan Smytka added.

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