Guangzhou Asian Games opening and closing ceremonies power monitoring system

Han Laifa

Shanghai Ankerui Electric Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jiading

Abstract: Transmission and distribution and protection control are the preconditions for electric power application and the basic purpose of electric construction. This is especially true for the opening and closing ceremonial venues of Asian Games that require the use of electricity to ensure stability and ensure safety. Therefore, the Asian Games Organizing Committee was cautious when it came to selecting electrical equipment and suppliers. Acrel3000, the power monitoring system of Shanghai Ankerui Electric Co., Ltd., really came out on this basis and became a member of the Asian Games security power supply system.
1 Overview
Haixinsha Island is located in the heart of the Pearl River in Guangzhou, in the heart of the Pearl River North, the main channel of the Pearl River in 2010, the opening ceremony of the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games in 2010 and the closing ceremony after half a month was held here.
The entire island's power supply consists of on-site power generation and power supply from the Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau. The entire power distribution facility is located in the underground space below the stage and includes four power distribution areas, namely: (1#) comprehensive transformation and distribution room, Stage (2#) comprehensive transformation and distribution room, underground space (3#) comprehensive transformation and distribution room, stage (4#) comprehensive transformation and distribution room, each distribution room includes 10KV high voltage distribution cabinet, DC screen, 0.4 KV low voltage distribution cabinets, generators, transformers, etc. At the opening and closing ceremonies of the Asian Games, all important circuits involving performances, fountains, sounds, etc. were powered by on-site generators, and the rest of the stands, lighting, etc. were powered by the Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau.
As the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Intercontinental Contest, its stability and safety requirements for power supply and distribution systems are extremely high. Therefore, a power monitoring system workstation is set up in each integrated transformation area to realize the detection, early warning, failure analysis, statistical output and automatic control of the running status of each running equipment in the transformation and distribution room; a central station monitoring center is set up in the stands. The control room, system server and main management station are located in the central control room. All the power parameters of the conversion and distribution room are transmitted to the central control room through optical fibers. At the same time, a power monitoring system workstation was set up on the 10th floor of the Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau. The data was transmitted to the dispatch center of the Power Supply Bureau through the 104 protocol of Guangdong Province through the network company's local area network. From multiple aspects, all angles, and deep levels to ensure that the Asian Games power supply foolproof.
Acquiring the above requirements, the Acrel-3000 power monitoring system took full advantage of the latest developments in modern electronic technology, computer technology, computer network technology, and field bus technology, and distributed data collection and centralized monitoring and management of the entire island's power distribution system.
2 The network composition of the system
The system adopts a layered distributed computer network structure, namely, a bay layer, a communication layer and a station control layer as shown in the following figure:

figure 1

As the basis of the entire distribution system, the main equipments in the field separation compartment include: multi-functional network power meters, leakage current monitoring devices, microcomputer integrated protection devices, DC panel systems, transformer temperature controllers, and so on. These devices are corresponding to the corresponding primary equipment installed in the high and low voltage electrical cabinets, temperature control boxes and DC screen cabinets, multi-function network instrumentation, leakage current monitoring device, microcomputer integrated protection device and transformer temperature controller using RS485 communication interface, through the scene MODBUS bus networking communication, DC screen system uses 232 interface, through the CDT communication protocol to achieve data collection on the scene.
The communication network layer mainly includes: communication servers, optical switches, and switches. Its main function is to collect the scattered data at the site collection device, and transmit it to the station control layer at the same time, to complete the data exchange between the field layer and the station control layer.
Station control layer: equipped with high-performance industrial computers, monitors, UPS power supplies, printers, alarm buzzer and other equipment. The monitoring system is installed on the computer to collect and display the operating status of the field equipment and display it to the user in the form of human-computer interaction.
The above network instruments all use RS485, RS232 interface through MODBUS-RTU and CDT communication protocol, RS485 adopts shielded wire transmission, generally use two wires, the connection is simple and convenient; the communication interface is half duplex communication that both sides of the communication can receive Send data but can only send or receive data at the same time, the maximum data transfer rate is 10Mbps. The RS-485 interface is a combination of balanced drivers and differential receivers. It has enhanced noise immunity and allows up to 32 devices to be connected on the bus. The maximum transmission distance is 1.2 km.
The data is transmitted in the form of serial protocol data at the station control layer, transmitted to the total server through the LAN, and transmitted to the Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau through the 104 protocol and high-speed Ethernet.
3 The main function of the system
3.1 Data Acquisition and Processing
Data acquisition is the basis of power distribution monitoring. Data acquisition is mainly completed by the bottom-level measurement and control device, realizing local real-time display of remote data. The signals that need to be collected include: three-phase voltage U, three-phase current I, frequency Hz, power P, power factor COSφ, power Ep, remote device operation status, temperature, and the like.
Data processing is mainly to display the electrical parameters collected according to requirements in real time and accurately to the user, to achieve the automation and intelligent requirements of the distribution monitoring, and to store the collected data in the database for user query and analysis. Avoid running the guarantee team to go directly to the power distribution room to view the operating status of the power distribution system to ensure that the fault is discovered and eliminated in the shortest possible time.
3.2 Human-computer interaction
Through the Chinese interface, the system displays a primary wiring diagram of the high- and low-voltage power distribution system and displays the current loop device operation information, refreshes it in real time, and displays the current loop running status by coloring, as shown in the following figure:

figure 2

3.3 Failure alarm and accident recall
When an operational failure occurs in the power distribution system, an audible and visual alarm will be promptly issued to prompt the user to respond to the fault circuit in a timely manner. At the same time, the time and place of the event are automatically recorded to be queried by the user and the cause of the failure is remembered. The record is as follows:

image 3

The figure shows that the field circuit generates split-and-close alarms.
3.4 User Rights Management
The number of users who can add and remove software and set the user's rights can be based on user requirements. For different levels of users, different permission groups are set to prevent the losses caused by human misoperation to production and life, and to realize the safe and reliable operation of the distribution system.
3.5 Running load curve
Timely acquisition of incoming line and important loop current load parameters, automatic generation of operating load trend curve, user-friendly to understand the equipment operating load status, real-time display of important circuit harmonic data (2-31 harmonics), and query history harmonic Wave data and so on.

Figure 4

Due to the high requirements on the safety of the distribution system on the night of the opening ceremony, the on-site power generation was used in the important loops to ensure the safe and stable operation of the distribution system. In Figure 4, the large red curve represents the power supply trend curve of the Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, the purple part represents the on-site generator power trend, and the green curve represents the current total power operation trend. Through the real-time trend curve, it helps the duty officer to closely monitor the current load. Health status.
3.6 Database Establishment and Query
It mainly completes remote measurement and remote signal acquisition, and establishes a database to generate reports regularly for users to query and print.
3.7 Data Forwarding Function
All operating data is transmitted via Ethernet and passed through the 104 protocol from the Haixinsha on-site duty room to the dispatch center of the Guangzhou Municipal Power Supply Bureau. The municipal power supply department focuses on monitoring and unified operations.
4 System Features
The system's hardware and software are all modularized, and all hardware is intelligent. The hardware and software design selects industrial-grade standards, and the reliability is very high. The intelligent control terminal of the whole system and the remote intelligent communication controller are all composed of 16-bit microcomputers. This distributed control system has high speed, good real-time performance, and reliable communication; intelligent control The terminal has its own CPU, short acquisition cycle, strong real-time performance, and high system redundancy; all subsystems work independently and do not affect each other; and the subsystems are modularized, further improving the security and reliability of the entire system. .
5 Summary
This article introduced the overall structure and realization function of the opening and closing ceremonial power monitoring system of the Guangzhou Asian Games. After the system's investment and operation, it has passed the trials of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Asian Games during the opening and closing ceremonies, and finally successfully played its role in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Asian Games. Through the analysis of the data obtained from previous rehearsals, this system has obtained the most appropriate power generation load, which not only guarantees the reliability of power supply, but also realizes cost savings, and responds to the call to save the Asian Games.
[1] Ren Cheng, Zhou Zhongzhong. Principles and Application Guide for Digital Meters for Electric Power Measurement [M]. Beijing. China Electric Power Press, 2007. 4

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