High-efficiency three-separation classifier technical features

Compared with the traditional type separator, the L-type Sepax high-efficiency three-separation classifier has the following outstanding advantages:

1. The material is “divided into three”, that is, “coarse powder (d>150um), medium coarse powder (60um)

2. The L-type Sepax high-efficiency three-separator is more suitable for large-scale production than the centrifugal, cyclone and rotor-type powdered poplars of similar size. The advanced and reasonable structure allows the powder volume, output and feed volume to be changed in a wide range without affecting the efficiency of the powder selection, and the classification performance is very stable.

3. The classification principle is advanced. Combined with a variety of powder selection principles, the aerodynamic analysis method was used to optimize the design of the entire process, resulting in a significant reduction in equipment resistance, energy saving and consumption reduction is very obvious. The rotor of the classifier is equipped with a vortex rectifier obtained by the state patent. The airflow in the rotor rises and does not rotate relative to the rotor. After the airflow enters the rotor, the driving force of the rotor is reduced by the action of the momentum moment, which saves driving power and reduces wear. The material is selected through two powder selection zones, and the classification accuracy is higher and more accurate.

4. The spindle of the classifier adopts stepless speed regulation. The fineness adjustment is convenient, sensitive and reliable, and the adjustment range is wide.

5. Re-optimized and designed the spatial range of the powder selection area and the lifting area, making full use of the main space to increase the gas-to-gas ratio and improve the efficiency of powder selection.

6. The parts of the crusher's vulnerable wear parts, such as the spreader disc, the cyclone snail angle, the guide vane and the rotor graded vane, are all made of wear-resistant materials or subjected to anti-wear treatment, and the wear rate is low. The new manganese plate is used as the inner lining to effectively extend its service life.

7. The new bearing design of the lower bearing seal of the main shaft effectively solves two major problems of bearing dust and oil leakage, and effectively extends the service life of the lower bearing.

8. When designing the foundation of the classifier, the principle of mechanical vibration reduction is adopted, so that the resonance frequency of the classifier and the foundation is not close to the natural frequency of the classifier and the fundamental natural frequency, which fundamentally solves the vibration of the classifier that has long been plagued by the manufacturer. problem.

9. The coarse powder pipe, the medium coarse powder and the cyclone cylinder all adopt double interlocking air damper, which greatly reduces the air leakage rate of the system and overcomes the defects of large dust in the operation of the previous classifier.

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