High-power and high-speed natural gas compressors replace imported products

The RTY1000 high-power, high-speed natural gas compressor independently developed by the Southwest Natural Gas Field Company Chengdu Natural Gas Compressor Plant was successfully put into operation in the Sulige Gas Field. As of December 15, the cumulative operating time of this unit has reached nearly 600 hours, with a maximum daily gas production of 540,000 cubic meters.

Accepted by the expert group and on-site experimental inspection, the performance parameters of this unit meet the design requirements, the main performance parameters meet or exceed the level of imported similar equipment, can replace imported products.

RTY1000 high-power and high-speed natural gas compressor unit is the first locally-developed supercharged compressor for oil and gas fields. It fills the gap in domestic high-power and high-speed split-type compressors and reverses the dependence of similar domestic equipment. Import situation.

The unit's counter-balanced air-cooled cylinder structure, T-shaped support ring piston-piston rod centering structure, spring force and gas thrust valve structure, air flow pulsation and pipeline vibration control technology form the Chengdu natural gas compressor plant. The independent innovation technology laid the foundation for the introduction of 2000- and 3000-type high-power, high-speed split-type serial compressors.

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