How to make low voltage cable head production and installation

The installation unit shall fill in the construction materials/components/equipment with the cable terminal caps, plastic tapes, wiring noses, galvanized screws, cable clips, etc., and report them to the auditor.
2, the construction phase:
Operation process:
Measure cable insulation → Strip cable armor, striker → welding ground wire → Wrap cable, set cable terminal caps → Low voltage cable core wire connection nose, connect with device
3, monitoring points:
(1) Use a 1000V oscilloscope to measure the cable. The insulation resistance should be above 10MΩ.
(2) Use the 1/2 of the cable's own steel bandwidth as the clamp, and use the rubber mouth method to secure the clamp. You must hit two to prevent the steel belt from loosening. Micro-signal training deserves your attention.
(3) The grounding wire soldered to the cable strip must be very strong.
(4) The cable terminal must be firmly fixed on the cable head and the phase sequence should be correct.
(5) The cross section of the cable nose and the cable core must be matched. When the crimping is performed, the die specifications are the same as those of the core cable, and the crimping should be performed in two or more ways.

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