Main classification analysis of magnetic separator

Dry strong magnetic disc magnetic separator for sorting a wide selection of less than 2-3 mm and then weakly magnetic minerals and the noble metal ore. It has three types of single disc (diameter φ = 900 mm), double disc (φ = 576 mm) and three discs (φ = 600 mm). The magnetic field strength can reach 880-1440 kA/m. Among them, there are many double-disc applications with φ576 mm, so take it as an example.

Technical personnel, the body portion of such a magnetic separator is "mountain" shaped electromagnet and rotatable suspension induction disc components. The disc is like a flip-flop dish with a diameter that is about one-half larger than the width of the ore belt. The disc is driven by a worm and worm gear, and the pole between the disc and the electromagnet can be adjusted by the handwheel. Distance (adjustment range 0-20) mm.

In order to prevent clogging, a weak magnetic field pole is placed in the ore cylinder to pre-discharge the ferromagnetic mineral in the feedstock. Its working principle and sorting process: after the ore is pre-discharged from the ore cylinder, it is evenly discharged onto the ore belt and sent by the belt to the magnetic field gap under the disc. The weak magnetic mineral is subjected to magnetic force. , is sucked onto the tines of the disc, and is rotated to the sides of the belt with the disc, where the strength of the magnetic field drops sharply, so under the action of gravity and centrifugal force, the groove of the magnetic product on both sides of the belt is behind. (generally concentrate); non-magnetic products are transported from the belt to the tailings end into a trough of non-magnetic products (typically tailings).

The operating factors of the disk magnetic separator mainly include: thickness of the ore, magnetic field strength, working clearance and feeding speed.

Magnetic separator suitable particle size below 3mm magnetite wet magnetic separation, pyrrhotite, roasted ore, titanium, iron and other materials, but also for coal, non-metallic minerals, building materials and other materials in addition to iron work.

The magnetic system of the magnetic separator is made of high-quality ferrite material or composited with rare earth magnet steel. The average magnetic induction intensity of the cylinder table is 100-600 mT. According to user needs, it can provide magnetic separation of many different surface strengths such as downstream, semi-reverse flow and counterflow. The magnetic separator has the advantages of simple structure, large processing capacity, convenient operation and easy maintenance.

Permanent wet drum magnetic separator is a separator ore separation in plants commonly used, it is suitable for sorting ferromagnetic minerals. The wet type permanent magnetic cylinder magnetic separator is divided into three types according to the tank structure: forward flow, reverse flow and semi-reverse flow. In addition to being used as a sorting device in the magnetic separation plant, the wet type permanent magnetic cylinder magnetic separator has been used as a concentration device before filtration in recent years to replace the magnetic dehydration tank.

There are many types of strong magnetic field magnetic separators, which are divided into wet type and dry type according to working conditions; electromagnetic type and permanent magnet type according to magnetic source; and disc type, roller type, flat ring type, vertical ring type and induction according to equipment structure Roller type.

Peristaltic pump
There are a few plaster sprayers that have a peristaltic pump (a tube squeezed by rollers) which also requires compressed air to produce a spray. These types of plaster sprayer can also spray textured coatings with particle sizes up to about 3mm diameter, providing that they are not solvent based.

Piston pump
Newer types of plaster sprayer have a piston pump, which has sufficient pressure to spray smooth (untextured) plaster without compressed air. Full airless pumps are sometimes used to spray smooth plaster, although they are not ideal as the flow rate is too low for volume projects; however, they can be used to spray solvent-based plasters.

Air operated piston type supply pumps can put out as much as 27 gpm. Like the Graco Bulldog 10:1 at about 9 gpm and the Lincoln Pile driver 5:1 at about 27 gpm. These flow-rates are calculated at a maximum of 120 cfm air supply. Material supply hoses are medium pressure at about 600 psi. These pumps are material supply pumps only and additional air is required at the Spray Gun to propel the material to the surface. These guns are usually an internal mixture type guns where the material and air exits the gun together.

Pump Assembly

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