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Power car profile [1] Power car is composed of automobile chassis, diesel generator set, power transmission and distribution and control system, efficient sound-absorbing and noise-reducing box, intake and exhaust noise reduction system, exhaust noise elimination system, lighting system, hydraulic pressure Support system, cable winch, and tool equipment compartment. The main task to be completed in the conversion and system integration is to organically integrate the vehicle and the equipment it is equipped with, to make full use of the limited space of the vehicle to achieve a scientific and rational layout, to set the optimal type selection and reasonable collocation, and to focus on solving the problem. After the modification, the safety and stability, system equipment, work reliability and good controllability, shock absorption and noise reduction of the system, ventilation and heat dissipation, and the maintainability of the design, make the final product meet the actual needs of users. .

Simple description or function The power car should have good off-road performance and adaptability to various roads. It is suitable for all-weather field open-air operations, with stable and reliable overall performance, easy operation, low noise, good emission, and good maintainability. , can meet the needs of outdoor operations and emergency power supply.

Product use or application unit With the needs of national construction and development, special vehicles have become important transportation and operation equipment in economic construction and will have a good development prospect. In recent years, due to the increasing construction and investment needs of China's power, telecommunications, mobile, and Netcom, the power car is a live emergency work vehicle designed for the needs of these industries. It can be used for emergency power related work in telecommunications, telecommunications, coal mines, and oil fields, and is particularly important for emergency repairs and power supply. In the past two years, we have found similar tender information on the Internet, but large-scale projects and high-volume purchases are all in the united bidding for power generation, mobile, China Unicom, and telecommunications companies.

Prepare the job using basic common sense : (1) When the car is in a parking state, open the two front and left exhaust doors at the front of the compartment and fix it with a hook. Then open the upper part of the compartment to lift the door and put down the hydraulic support.
(2) Open the rear compartment and double open the door, first remove the load cable on the cable winch and put one end to the use destination, and then connect with the load device, and then the load cable at the other end of the quick plug and the power car "load output "Connect and confirm that the phase sequence of the output connection is correct, and do a good job of grounding. If there is no grounding point, the grounding pile of the vehicle can be driven into the ground to make a temporary reliable grounding.
(3) Open the right access door, control the operating door and fix it with a hook. Check the antifreeze of the generator set, the generator oil, the fuel quantity of the fuel tank and the battery voltage. Then close the battery switch and check that the output load air switch is at Shutdown state. Power on: After all the above are normal, then according to the user's own actual situation, choose the startup mode that they need to start the civilian motor unit.
(1) Standalone operation automatic status
(2) Stand-alone operation manual state
(3) Parallel operation automatic status
(4) Parallel operation Automatic operation: Check whether the AC current is normal and observe the current difference between each phase sequence. It is better not to exceed 10%. Check regularly if the voltage is within the normal range. Check the oil pressure regularly within the normal range. Regularly check whether the water temperature is in the normal range of 65-93 degrees. Check engine speed regularly. Always pay attention to whether the generator engine has abnormal sound or vibration. In the event of an emergency, the emergency button should be used to stop the machine. Shutdown: first open the right control operation door, then close the load switch, press the stop button, the oil switch automatically breaks, the standby group automatically shuts down the generator set after cooling, then press the emergency stop switch, and then remove the load connection Cable, using cable winch to automatically or manually load the cable evenly wrapped around the cable winch, the end with a hook to be fixed, and then close the lock all doors and windows locked, hydraulic support retracted.

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