Temperature and Humidity Recorder Analysis of Influence of Greenhouse Environmental Parameters on Muskmelon

In the process of planting, melons are influenced by environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity in the greenhouse, and are also the main factors affecting the yield and quality of melon. Moreover, under the long-term planting experience, the light intensity, the maximum temperature and the minimum temperature have a greater impact on the quality of muskmelon, the high temperature above 35e will affect the melon growth, and the day and night low temperature (15/5e) or sub-low temperature (20/10e) at the seedling stage. The photosynthetic rate of plants was reduced; however, the effects of air humidity on melon growth or product quality were not reported. In order to study the effect of temperature and room temperature humidity on the growth of melon, it is necessary to measure the relevant parameters through the installation of a temperature and humidity recorder, combined with the analysis of its growth.

The test set the different greenhouse vent size, create three different greenhouse temperature and air relative humidity environment, these parameters are used to analyze the temperature and humidity recorder, and at the same time to perform different supplementary irrigation treatment, to explore the greenhouse temperature, humidity The effects of irrigation amount on the physiological characteristics, yield, quality and water use efficiency of greenhouse muskmelon plants were investigated. The relationship between greenhouse temperature, environmental humidity and irrigation and melon growth and development was sought, and the technical indicators of muskmelon water management under different greenhouse conditions were established.

Both the greenhouse environment and the amount of irrigation have a great influence on the yield and quality of melon. In the daily average temperature of 19~33e and the daily average relative humidity of 69%~78.68%, the yield was higher, and the VC, soluble total sugar, soluble solids and water use efficiency of the fruit were reduced; in 14~27e, 60%~85% The contents of soluble protein and soluble solids in the fruits were relatively highest.

The temperature and humidity in the greenhouse was measured and analyzed by a temperature and humidity recorder. It was found that the average daily temperature was 14 to 27e and the average daily relative humidity was 60% under the same environment, melon yield, quality, and improved water use efficiency. Under the condition of ~85% of the environmental conditions and the irrigating amount of evapotranspiration and evaporating loss 100%, it is beneficial to the improvement of melon fruit quality and yield, and can be used as a greenhouse production management technical indicator.

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