Track transfer from security check upgrade 46 stations will be checked every package

From April 26th to May 3rd, Suzhou will host the 53rd World Table Tennis Championships to secure the safety of public transit during the sporting event. Suzhou Rail Transit Operation Branch and Suzhou Public Security Bureau Urban Rail Traffic Public Security Sub-bureau From April 10th onwards, the safety inspection grades will be upgraded respectively. The 46 stations of the Suzhou rail transit line will be “every package must be checked and every liquid must be checked” to implement normal security screening. Due to the added security content, passengers need to be delayed for a certain period of time. Therefore, the general public is reminded that when travelling on the subway, please arrange the travel time in advance.

Security facilities have been put in place

The person in charge of the Suzhou Rail Transit Operation Branch (hereinafter referred to as the Rail Transaction Company) stated that there are 88 channel security inspection devices , 88 liquid detectors , and 656 security inspectors and 135 security inspections at the current rail transit line 1 and 2. The staff is basically in place. In the future, luggage and other baggage items carried by passengers are subject to security check. If the volume of articles carried is greater than X-ray machine detection channels, fragile items, vulnerable items, and other items that are not suitable for machine inspection, manual security inspection is required. Restrict passengers from entering the station with several types of items such as inflatable balloons, pets, odorous objects, and fragile sharp objects; items weighing more than 20 kg, length, breadth, and height exceeding 1.8 meters and having a total volume of more than 0.15 cubic meters will also be restricted. Into the station.

In the process of security inspection, if the passengers are inconvenient to approach the security checker, such as pregnant women, the station can provide assistance; when it is found that suspicious items need to be opened for inspection, if the passengers declare that carrying the goods is not suitable for public inspection, the station shall provide appropriate services after obtaining the consent. Occasionally separate inspections.

If during the security inspection, it is found that the inspected person carries prohibited items, the company will transfer it to the public security authority for handling. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the station security checkpoint does not accept the temporary storage of passengers' restricted items and the storage of other items.

Refusal of security will be punished

According to the police, the key targets for security inspections mainly include three types of flammable dangerous goods, including mainly common gasoline, ether, banana water, alcohol, sulfur, yellow phosphorus, and metal powder. Contraband products mainly include inspections of guns, ammunition, drugs, and obscene articles. Controlling appliances such as daggers and spring knifes with self-locking devices are the focus of security inspections.

As the law enforcement department that maintains the orderly operation of public security, in order to ensure the orderly development of the track security work, the Public Security Bureau will strictly enforce the law and crack down on all types of illegal and criminal activities resulting from refusal of security screening. If passengers refuse to check, they will be persuaded by the security inspectors to give up their contraband or transfer to other means of transport. For those passengers who do not listen to strong stations and disturb public order, the police will be punished according to the "Public Security Administration." The law punished it.

It is reported that in the past year, there have been a number of police incidents that did not coincide with the security inspections. Among them, four cases were serious, and those who refused to receive inspections were subject to certain public security penalties and administrative penalties. For example, on August 14, 2014, there was a serious refusal to bite at the Guangji South Road Station of the Suzhou No. 1 Line. The female passenger Wang Wang was sentenced to three days of administrative detention. The police appealed to the public to travel in a civilized way and create a good social atmosphere for co-creation and civilized travel.

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