Why is the distance of 5G wireless AP not 2.4G far?

A few days ago, a customer consulted Feng Runda's wireless AP, and asked me why the 5G distance is rather near, shouldn't it be farther than 2.4G? This view is estimated that many people have the following questions for everyone to doubt it.

In our conventional sense, the 2G band is higher, the signal is stronger, and the transmission distance should be further. But the fact is not that we have to understand how the wireless signal is transmitted. Wifi signals are traditional in the form of electromagnetic waves in the air, and those who have studied physics should know two concepts, wavelength and frequency.

The frequency band of 2.4 is low, the wavelength is relatively long, it is easy to bypass obstacles, so the penetration is good, the natural transmission distance is far. The 5G band is high, the wavelength is short, and the penetration is poor. The transmission distance is naturally closer than that of 2.4G. See here everyone should understand, 5GAP transmission distance is indeed not 2.4G far.

It is estimated that someone will say, isn't the 5G AP better? This distance is not 2.4G far. Where can it be? Don't worry, listen to me.

Although the 5G AP is not far from 2.4G, the "through the wall" effect is not as good as 2.4G, but it has the advantage that 2.4G cannot match. 5G is based on the 802.11ac protocol, which provides faster transmission rates, which means that the 5G transmission rate is much higher than 2.4G. In addition, there are many non-overlapping channels in 5G and less interference, so its signal strength is much higher than that of 2.4G.

In fact, both 2.4G and 5G have their own advantages. At present, many APs support dual-band, that is, they can work in 2.4G and 5G bands at the same time. For example, the RD-W168AP from FengRunda supports dual-band transmission rates. Up to 1200Mbps, ideal for high-density access.

To sum up, for locations requiring a large coverage area, 2.4G wireless APs are recommended, and 5G wireless APs can be used for higher speeds.

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