Yuchai vigorously develops the ship market with a new generation of product technology

From the current market situation, the trend of rising oil prices will continue. At the same time, the international requirements for emissions are becoming more and more strict. By 2015, the fuel sulfur content of navigation vessels in the sulfide emission control area should be controlled below 0.1%. . The cost of fuel and the cost of limiting emissions are on the top of the shipping companies, and they are even more pressing on the heads of diesel engines. At the 2012 China Green Ship Technology Summit held recently, Huang Yongzhong, deputy director of the ship electric power research and development institute of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., said that if the diesel engine company can not make breakthroughs in technology and design, it will soon face a living space. The unfavorable situation of being squeezed.
New products: Oil and gas dual fuel ship Huang Yongzhong believes that in the new fuel power products, oil and gas dual fuel marine power equipment is now more likely to be favored by users, and the product field will develop rapidly in the short term. Natural gas is a clean, efficient energy source that not only has an incomparable advantage in meeting emission requirements, but is also very attractive in terms of cost relative to fuel. For dual-fuel marine engines, for every 1% increase in natural gas replacement rate, fuel costs can be reduced by 1%.
In addition to its advantages in reducing operating costs and generating environmental benefits, the dual-fuel ship has good practicability. On the one hand, the construction of domestic port refueling stations is still in its infancy. In addition to the use of appropriate diesel fuel to ignite natural gas-air mixture gas, dual-fuel ship engines can also directly use diesel fuel in the case of difficult gas filling. On the other hand, the dual-fuel ship engine has lower requirements for changes in ship design and is easily recognized by the ship inspection agency, so that the market can be opened more quickly.
At the 5th China Guangzhou International Maritime Trade Exhibition in 2012, Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd. promoted YC6T, YC6C and other marine power products. According to reports, the company's land-use gas engine technology is very mature, and the products are widely recognized in the market. Based on this, research and development and production of high-power dual-fuel ship power products is an important means for Yuchai Group to respond to new changes in the ship power market. At the same time as the market development, the group will step up the mass production of dual fuel ship engines.
New technology: high-pressure common rail EFI oil supply is durable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, lightweight, and good adaptability will become the goal pursued in the field of marine diesel engines. High-pressure common rail EFI technology has become a major focus in the development of marine diesel engines due to its many advantages. According to Huang Yongzhong, high-pressure injection can effectively reduce fuel consumption. Moreover, electronic control technology can improve the control accuracy of fuel injection and reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides. At the same time, the common rail system has low noise and compact structure, which can effectively help the ship to reduce its own weight, optimize the layout of the nacelle, and assist in achieving the goal of reducing emissions and reducing consumption from the perspective of hull design.
However, in addition to the higher requirements for the technology and production capacity of diesel engine enterprises, high-pressure common rail EFI technology still has some problems to be solved in terms of equipment price, usage habits, equipment maintenance, fuel quality, etc., which is not conducive to users. Popularize. At present, Yuchai Group's diesel engines using high-pressure common-rail EFI technology are only used in high-end official ships. The company plans to promote the inland river transport vessels and fishing boats in the next step. After accumulating experience, it will try to apply them on ocean-going vessels. .
In addition, the use of fresh water cooling technology to improve equipment reliability, the second-stage turbocharger system to meet increasingly stringent emission limits and engine performance requirements, as well as the application of alloy cast iron, vermicular cast iron and other comprehensive mechanical properties of the body materials, It is included in the Yuchai Group's scope for technological innovation in marine diesel engines. Recently, the company and Dalian Jiaotong University jointly established Dalian Yuchai Turbo Technology R&D Center Co., Ltd., whose main business is to design and develop supercharged technology products such as marine superchargers.

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